Expat Membership: 1 year of training with 2 months free!
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We want to start 2019 in the best way possible: with a healthy body and mind. Working out is crucial for a healthy and fit lifestyle.
Right now we have a special offer: if you become a Losjes Events member right now (in December 2018 or January 2019), you get 2 months training for free.

As a Losjes Events member, you can train once per week or up to unlimited amounts per month (depending on your membership).
Losjes Events organizes bootcamps in which personal attention, technique, pleasure, and progression are the main focus. With a bootcamp you can burn up to 800 calories per workout, you’ll train your strength, conditioning and get more fit mentally. Every month we organize (one or more) ‘Bootcamp Specials’: special editions in which we focus on a certain type of training, such as a tire workout, agility workout, circuit training or SUP-training for example.

The price you pay is once for 14 months (so 1 year = 12 months + 2 months for free). With this membership, you can join each and every training within the roster.

*This page and price is based on an unlimited membership. If you only want to train once per week, but you want to have the deal / or get extra information, please contact us: 


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